Why i want to be a teaching assistant essay

Why Consider a Career in the Community College? When you open up your job search to the community college, a tremendous range of opportunities that satisfies practical as well as career goals becomes available. Our brief essay provides introductory material that will help you explore this option as we cover characteristics of two-year colleges and their students, professional opportunities and challenges for faculty members, the peculiarities of the two-year-college job search, adjunct teaching as a career path, and resources for the job search.

Why i want to be a teaching assistant essay

More Essay Examples on Teacher Rubric However, a drawback of using this model is that students might become too dependent on the teachers and expect to receive immediate attention whenever they face problems.

There might even be some students who will get affected by the movement of the second teacher in the classroom and thus cannot focus on the lessons taught by the main teacher. Station Teaching This model of teaching requires the two teachers in the class to divide their lesson content and they each have to prepare their own materials and to teach their part of the lesson.

There will be many teaching stations and students will go round to the various stations. Only the two more difficult stations will be handled by the teachers while the others will be either run by parent volunteers or attended by the students independently. Thus, the classroom layout will be in groups as the students will need to move around to learn different things, for example, to carry out the different experiments for a Science lesson.

This model can be useful for inclusion classroom if the school is able to render the help of sufficient adult volunteers to assist in the running of the various stations because there will be more individual attention given to each student to ensure effective learning takes place.

Even though there will be a lot of materials and work to be prepared in advance, the students move around in small groups to attend the specific lessons so they can understand the lessons more easily.

Parallel Teaching Parallel teaching differs from other models of teaching in that here the two teachers will plan the lesson together but they will divide the students into two groups for the actual teaching of the lesson.

For instance, the two teachers can be teaching the same Science concept to two different groups of the students in two different parts of the same classroom.

Here, the classroom arrangement will be one teacher to a small group of students in two halves of the classroom.

Why i want to be a teaching assistant essay

This might be beneficial to an inclusion classroom where the teacher can spilt the students such that those with behavioral problems do not get together. There will also be more individual attention for those with special needs and less distraction as compared to whole group teaching.

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However, this model requires that both teachers have to be equally competent in teaching the lesson so as to ensure that both groups of students learn equally and the speed of teaching has to be the same so that both parts of the lesson are completed at the same time.

Since the students have to be split into groups, the classroom has to be big enough to accommodate them, especially as they cannot be too close together or the teaching from one group would be distracting to the other group.

Alternative Teaching Alternative teaching takes place when the main teacher handles the majority of the students while the support teacher takes a small group or an individual student for some personal coaching. There will not be any lessons missed because the bigger group of students might be completing their own individual assignment.

This allows for the weaker students to catch up on what they had missed or to re-learn what they had not understood earlier. In this way, the personal needs of the students can be met. On the other hand, it is necessary that the teachers are in good control of the students as the noise level can be relatively high since there are two teachers working on different groups within the same room.

In this form of classroom teaching, the arrangement of the students will be a big group versus a small group or even versus an individual student. It depends on the needs of the class of students.

As such, the classroom must be big enough to accommodate two different groups of students. The teacher might educate the other students on the proper way to behave towards them instead.

Team Teaching In this form of classroom teaching, the two teachers work together as a team in that they will prepare the lessons together and they will both be in-charge of the actual teaching of the lessons. In fact, the instructions are also given by the teachers together, who will engage students in small group discussions, rather than big group lectures.

The arrangement of the students can be in the form of a whole class layout or in the form of a few small groups. The two teachers can easily move around to maintain discipline together and they will be viewed by the students as equal. The drawback of such a model in the inclusion classroom is that the special need students do not get a chance to view their opinions as the other students get excited in their class discussions.

Conclusion All in all, making use of co-teaching in inclusion classroom will serve more benefits as the students are more involved in activities rather than listening to lectures from the teachers most of the time. There will also be more individual attention for the students, especially for those with special needs.

However, it is also not easy for the teachers to share a classroom as they might feel possessive of their territory and they also not be able to control the addition adult help in the classroom, which will lead to dispute rather than having a smooth lesson carried out.

Inconsistencies in discipline and in teaching might also arise where the more experienced teachers do not like to deal with. Many experience teachers would prefer to teach on their own as they are in better control. References James Madison University. Partners for Student Achievement: A Co-teaching Resource Handbook.

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A vivid well-written essay conveying a medical school or residency program applicant’s motivations and aspirations can be a deciding factor in inviting that candidate in for an interview. As a teaching assistant I would be working with children and a qulified teacher in the classroom and this would give me a lot of experience to choose my career as a teacher in the future.

Prospective students or current Teaching Assistants may consider the Teaching Assistant Level 3 course for further career development.

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This course will allow you to study when and where you want. The short essay ( pages), typed and double-spaced, is an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to condense a great deal of material into what is essentially a compact essay. A short essay is not a research essay and should not be treated as such.

Becoming a teaching assistant is a big commitment along with patience, dedication to the student’s well-being and a basic understanding of childhood development, further training is often required to stay up-to-date with new teaching methods and qualifications.

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