Indoor baseball training facility business plan

Baseball in the Tampa Bay Area Professional baseball grew throughout the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century, and clubs sought additional facilities to accommodate their spring training. Al Langa businessman in St. Petersburg, Floridasaw a huge potential to attract northeastern teams to his city to take advantage of the warm weather during the early months of the year.

Indoor baseball training facility business plan

Community venues, including multipurpose meeting rooms, intergenerational center, and instructional kitchen, are designed to better foster community togetherness.

A state-of-the-art wellness center allows health-seekers to achieve a wide variety of fitness goals. The use of glass and skylights around the facility not only brings in maximized natural lighting, but also allows for visibility and transparency throughout the design.

In the design plan, members enter the building by way of a reinvigorated welcome center.

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From there, Child Watch, multipurpose rooms, teaching kitchen, wellness center, and exercise studios see new life with improved lighting, flooring, and ceilings. Some other new features include a synthetic running track, steam room, sauna, therapy pool, lap pool, revamped gymnasium, racquetball courts, and partnership space.

With expanded parking, the Y will be better able to serve the demand for this hub of community gathering. New changing rooms and showers are a great benefit to the community, especially those looking to exercise before the workday.

These studios also allow for specialized trainings for small groups and one-on-one attention. The facility also offers a Child Watch Center where children can play while their parents work out or go out for an evening on scheduled days. The open and engaging floor plan opens the Y up as a gathering hub that fosters interaction and safety in the corporate park.

Multi- purpose meeting spaces and a kitchen help this endeavor for community togetherness. State-of-the-art studios and wellness center provide functional training for health-seekers. The use of glass on both exterior and interior walls allows for maximized natural lighting, visibility, and transparency throughout the facility.

Universal Design guidelines make this facility a truly welcoming location for all, including those with disabilities.


With 20, sq ft of addition and 12, sq ft of renovation, the Y will become an open, welcoming space full of wellness and youth resources. After demolishing approximately 10, sq ft of the existing one-story building, a two- story addition will be built.

This addition will include a new, transparent and visible wellness center and circulation spine. A new track will be added to the second floor of the existing gymnasium and the roof will be raised in order to repurpose the gymnasium space.

With this design in place, the Lynn YMCA is poised to be a community hub of health, interaction, socialization, safety, and security. Community venues, including multipurpose meeting rooms, intergenerational center, teaching kitchen, and lounge spaces, are designed to better foster community togetherness.

Families are also offered additional recreation activity in an outdoor aquatics center.The indoor training facility is the brainchild of baseball dads Justin Nash and Kevin DeRenzo. "We knew that Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet and Georgetown really could use a baseball facility," Nash said.

We will lease an approximately 15, square/ft. facility to provide a climate controlled, well-equipped, central location where baseball enthusiasts can come to .

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Download The Official Ohio State Buckeyes App. Download the Ohio State Buckeyes App Today! Lemont Sports Complex Business Plan Village of Lemont Lemont, Illinois June 7, 1 | 2 synthetic-turf soccer, lacrosse, baseball/softball and football fi elds.

This area doubles as an outdoor turf venue for community events. As the intensity of youth athletics grew and the demand for indoor facilities escalated, the design and. [Rev. 6/2/ PM] CHAPTER A - SERVICES AND FACILITIES FOR CARE OF CHILDREN. GENERAL PROVISIONS. NRS A Legislative findings and declaration..

NRS A Definitions.. NRS A “Accommodation facility” defined.. NRS A “Board” defined.. NRS A “Child care facility” defined.

Downtown Parking Deck Development The City is working with local developers to secure two new parking decks in downtown.

indoor baseball training facility business plan