Ford automatic transmission review 3

How To Comments views The automatic transmission in the Ford Fiesta Present and the Ford Focus Present is not like a traditional transmission found in many cars.

Ford automatic transmission review 3

With an aluminum case, the C4 is light in weight and efficient, comparable to the GM Powerglide as one of the least power-robbing automatic transmissions. There are two variants, however.

Those in passenger cars have the dipstick in the case, while van, truck, and some fullsize car versions have the dipstick in the trans pan. Larger bellhousings accommodate a inch converter; an inch converter is found in the versions with the smaller bellhousing.

They are identical internally. A lockup converter version called the C5. Produced fromagain with a final drive ratio of 1: The other gear ratios are: Available in one of three bellhousing bolt patterns, depending on which series engine it was coupled to, the C6 was the transmission of choice for Ford drag racers for a long time, until strong race-prepared C4s became available.

With mechanical lockup, it can be found behind many Ford motors from the 3. With an overdrive ratio of 0. The other ratios are First: The AOD also uses the small-block bellhousing pattern which fits and six-cylinder engines, as well as, Windsor and Cleveland.

Advantages are that the shift points and firmness, as well as the lock-up point can be programmed. Incidentally, a wide ratio version of the AODE, using a 2.

First gear is 3. With a normally aspirated motor and maybe a mild cam, you should be looking at a 70 mph cruising speed of around 2, rpm. If you are running inch diameter tires and a 2. Of course you may want to switch to a shorter gear numerically higher number to take advantage of the Overdrive and quicker acceleration in the other gears, but now your bill is mounting up!

How much power do you need it to handle?

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Do you need an overdrive? Will the trans of your choice fit in your car? The following are all without fluids or torque converter: The C6 has always been regarded as a heavy transmission, but as can be seen, the AOD outweighs it by another 10lbs.

However, the advantages of the overdrive gear make up for this.


All the Ford automatics have good and bad points. The C4 is light, efficient, and small enough to fit under the floorpan of most vehicles, and is easily adapted to other engines thanks to its removable bellhousing, unlike other Ford automatics.

This obviously depends on how much you want to spend and how you use your car. They also have the advantage, depending on your point of view, of being simple, with just a kick-down cable and no computer controls, electronics, or even TV cable to worry about.

The C6 can withstand tremendous power in stock form, and has no inherent weaknesses, though they will rob power and are really suited to use with high horsepower big-block engines, because of their heavy rotating mass.Difference between ford transmission RF-F3LP-7AAA Basic 44A and transmission RF-F3LP-7AAA Basic 7.

Ford has updated the range of powertrains on the F All come with automatic stop-start. The base engine on the XL and XLT trims is an all-new liter V6, which replaces the liter V6.

Ford Mustang GT is available with two different transmissions, a six-speed manual and a speed automatic. We tried out both of them back-to-back to discover which is better.

Ford automatic transmission review 3

Ford Speak: Acronyms, Definitions, and Terms. This booklet contains the Acronyms and Terms available on-line as part of the Information Management databases on the Ford Intranet.

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Ford first introduced an automatic transmission in the Fifties (discounting the Hydramatic offered in Lincoln Continentals), with the three-speed Ford-O-Matic, in service from to

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