Critique is google making us stupid

Internet The Internet can make you smarter, experts say Three out of four experts believe the Internet can improve our reading, writing, and knowledge, according to Pew Internet, which also peered into the future. A collection of experts interviewed for the Pew Internet report The Future of the Internet IVreleased last Friday, were asked their views on how the Internet is affecting us--now and in another 10 years. Though most felt that the Internet can and would improve our reading, writing, and overall grasp of knowledge, some were reluctant to jump on that bandwagon. Most disagreed with the premise that browsing and skimming through Web sites is lowering our ability to concentrate.

Critique is google making us stupid

Critique is google making us stupid

Is the internet making Nicholas Carr stupid? Nicholas Carr's book is called The Shallows but his argument isn't much deeper, writes Milo Yiannopoulos. Is the internet destroying our ability to concentrate? Because that title describes the quality of his arguments, which seek to prove that the internet is causing irreversible damage to our thought processes and "making us stupid", really rather well.

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They're asinine, often based on selective quotations and often failing to differentiate between correlation and causation. In fact, it's difficult to summarise just how dodgy his thesis is in the space we have available.

But let me try, by calling on people who really know about this stuff. Like Carr's own sources, for example. The implication is that a lifetime spent online has "rewired" his brain so he can no longer concentrate for long on a sustained narrative.

But that's not entirely true: Contrary to Carr's thesis, he says he still has no problem reading novels, and thinks his long-term memory is in as good shape as ever.

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He uses the work of Gary Small, whose book, iBrain: Small is invoked as the academic authority behind Carr's disturbing warnings that excessive use of the internet might cause permanent changes to the way our brains work. Again, not quite right.

Then there's the New York Times op-ed by renowned psychology professor Steven Pinker, who appeared to dismiss Carr's book out of hand.

Critique is google making us stupid

One, the hypothesis that we're no longer capable of immersing ourselves in complex, nuanced narratives and arguments is destroyed by user behaviour in online role-playing games. Two, Carr's fetishisation of "books" ignores the quality of the actual book being read, seeming to assume that the ideas in books are of intrinsically better quality.Is Google Making Us Stupid - Using his case as an example, Carr then linked that example to multiple similar cases that happened to others, and all of those similarities have helped him to draw a conclusion: We are not thinking the way we used to think.

Aug 27,  · How the Internet is making us stupid Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, asks if the Internet is changing the way we think. Jun 02,  · Carr is the author of the Atlantic article Is Google Making Us Stupid?

which he has expanded into a book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. Google may be making us stupid, but it's certain that they outsmarted Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos and Netscape.

Google's approach to Internet is way ahead of our thinking.

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Google is not making us stupid, PowerPoint is not destroying literature, and the Internet is not really changing our brains. But they may well be making us think we’re smarter than we really are, and that is a dangerous thing.

(Chabris and Simons ) They do not accept that the Internet is fundamentally changing our cognitive functions.

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