Chief seattle address essay

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Chief seattle address essay

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Need a custom Essay? Check the price and Order Now! Chief Seattle, leader of the Duwamish and Suquamish people of the Puget Sound area in what is today the state of Washington, was responsible for continued good relations between his people and the new white settlers in the Pacific Northwest.

By consistently choosing not to fight the encroaching settlers, his people knew peace throughout the turbulent nineteenth century. Schweabe, his father, was a Suquamish chief, while his mother, Scholitza, was the daughter of a Duwamish chief. Discovery off Bain-bridge Island on May 20, According to early Seattle historian Clarence Bagley, Chief Seattle was known to be a courageous, daring leader when he was a young warrior.

Ina Duwamish alliance with the neighboring Suquamish gave Chief Seattle control of the affiliated tribes, and he continued the amiable relations with white settlers that his father had begun.

Seattle, Washington The California gold rush of filled the Pacific Northwest with white settlers seeking the natural wealth of the area.

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Chief Seattle continued to cooperate with the newcomers, and he often spoke out for friendship and open trade with the settlers. Besides saving Doc when another Native American tried to kill the man, Chief Seattle also helped protect a small group of settlers from Native American attacks.

Out of respect for their friend and ally, the whites at Puget Sound named their settlement after him in In order to use his name for their city, the settlers agreed to pay the chief a small tax for the trouble that his spirit would encounter when his name was said.

Losing the Land As settlers continued to pour into the area, the U. In DecemberChief Seattle met with Washington territorial governor Isaac Stevens to discuss the sale of native lands in exchange for smaller reservations and government money.

At that time, he agreed to help the whites and the U. His famous—and controversial—farewell speech at this meeting was purportedly translated into English and transcribed by Dr. Henry Smith, a recent arrival to the area. Soon after the treaty was signed, however, its terms were broken by whites.

This betrayal led to a series of Native American uprisings from toincluding the Yakim War from to In accordance with the treaty, Chief Seattle moved his people to the Port Madison reservation, located across Puget Sound from the current city of Seattle, on the east shore of Bainbridge Island.

He died on the reservation in after a brief illness. For instance, the text of his speech has been anthologized in American literature books many times. Guthrie, speculated that the first languages were purely figurative and poetic; Native American languages are no exception, as they characteristically reduce speech to image.

Native Americans, who considered themselves to be children of nature, expressed their humanity using metaphor and imagery reflective of the natural world around them.

In his oration, Chief Seattle makes a passionate, sorrowful appeal to the settlers, asking that they honor the land as he and his people have done. His intensity was not lost on his listeners, nor has it been lost on generations of readers.Chief Seattle (more correctly known as Seathl or show more content Seattle moved to Port Madison Reservation and lived in Old Man House, just across from Bainbridge Island; "This was a community house measuring some 60' x ' feet easily the largest Indian made wooden structure in the region".

The article, titled "Chief Seattle's Speech," was published in the "Seattle Sunday Star" on October 27th, If Doctor Smith was witness to Chief Seattle's epic speech, he was the sole translator.

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Chief seattle address essay
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