Business proposal e digitalization recommendations

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Business proposal e digitalization recommendations

Finland[ edit ] In the 8th EU Benchmark [19] report prepared in for the European Commission, Finland is considered to be a top performer country in most eGovernment and information society benchmarks. In this area Finland belongs to the so-called fast growers, i.

This strategy aims to turn Finland into an "internationally attractive, humane and competitive knowledge and service society" by the year To achieve this vision, the strategy focuses on four main strategic intents, [56] namely those of: These services shall operate on a customer-oriented and economic manner.

Business proposal e digitalization recommendations

Moreover, the acquisition processes of enterprises and the public administration should be made electronic throughout the purchase and supply chain. New products, services and social innovations shall be developed on the basis of cooperation between universities, research institutions, public administration, organisations, and enterprises.

Thereby, design and user orientation of the envisaged products or services are considered to be key success factors. Appropriate measures shall be taken to facilitate citizens developing knowledge as this is an important factor for securing Finland's competitiveness in the long term. Paired with increased security and the availability of electronic identification, this infrastructure shall form the basis for the provision of innovative digital services.


Moreover, in Aprilthe SADe programme [57] was set up to serve as a national action plan for putting forward eServices and eDemocracy for the period — This plan is aimed at: Within this framework, the SADe Services and Project report [59] was published in January as an update on programme's implementation.

This report constitutes a proposal for the main plans and measures for eServices and eAdministration to be followed to foster developments in the information society in the period — Actors Responsibility for eGovernment in Finland lies with the Ministry of Finance, which is also responsible for the public administration reform and the general Finnish ICT policy.

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Within the ministry, the Public Management Department is responsible for ICT policy coordination as well as for services provision and quality.

Further relevant actors include: Launched in Aprilthe portal offers a broad spectrum of information structured around daily life events, complemented by downloadable forms.

For the business community the yritysSuomi. This card enables Finnish citizens to authenticate themselves for online services and conduct electronic transactions. This card can also be used for encrypting emails and enables the use of digital signatures.

Moreover, since Octoberemployees in the state administration are able to identify themselves in the public administration information systems by using a civil servant's identity card, containing a qualified certificate.

Using this platform is mandatory for tenders above certain thresholds. Moreover, a further eProcurement platform is maintained by Hansel Ltd, a state-owned company acting as the central purchasing unit for the government.

It was in that the development of eGovernment turned into a standalone policy with the launch of both a strategic plan and an action plan commonly referred to as the ADELE programme. The latter was aiming to simplify and make the public services accessible by electronic means to all users, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as to cut the costs generated by the operation of the public administration.

A pre-condition for this and a related objective listed in the programme was to generate trust in new ways of delivering services. The year marked a turning point for eGovernment with the adoption of a government ordinance regulating and granting legal value to all aspects of the electronic exchanges of data, information, and documents taking place within the public administration, as well as between the public bodies and the citizens or businesses.

Considered as the country's eGovernment Act, the ordinance also set the year of the advent of eGovernment to Since then, the further implementation of eGovernment has been a shared priority of both Digital France the plan for the development of the digital economy by and the General Review of Public Policies, a reform process which was launched in June to keep the public spending in check while refining public services in a way to centre them even more on their users' needs.

Major achievements The eGovernment portal service-public. A related achievement was what the 8th EU Benchmark [19] refers to as one of France's biggest success stories since It is a user-customised and highly secured via eIdentification single access point to all the public services available online, some of which are entirely transactional.

A personal account enables users to keep track and know the status of all their interactions with the public administration. It shares this remit with the Secretary of State for the Development of the Digital Economy and the Council for the Modernisation of Public Policies who respectively hold political responsibility for the aforementioned Digital France plan and the General Review of Public Policies.

The Directorate-General for State Modernisation DGME is the national eGovernment agency and the operational arm of the ministry; it is acting as a coordinator and a supervisor of the implementation of central eGovernment projects. At sub-national level, the regions, departmentsand municipalities steer their own eGovernment initiatives, but they do so within the limits of their jurisdiction and in conformity with the national eGovernment policy.

Based upon the political structure in the country eGovernment efforts follow a threefold dimension, thus focusing on federal, state, and local level. Initial efforts began already in with the MEDIA Komm project for the development of local eGovernment solutions in selected regions.

Later on, inBundOnline initiative was launched with the main target to modernise the administration by making all federal public services capable of electronic delivery by the end of Digitalization has led to discussions in the EU and on a global level on how the existing tax rules work in relation to the new business models.

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Business proposal e digitalization recommendations

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