911 just another lie essay

Tom buckled, then retreated into the yard. The year-old collapsed, gasping, unresponsive. He never regained consciousness.

911 just another lie essay

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Preface and Introduction Part 1: Preface and Introduction Details Frances T. In this series of articles, any reference to names or motives of the attackers, made by either the author or the individuals she quotes, is a personal opinion and not the view of AETruth.

Preface The following essay is not meant to persuade anyone of the theory that elements within our government were responsible for the devastating attacks of September 11, This paper is also is addressed to psychology professionals and social scientists who may wish to consider the question in the title in greater depth.

Furthermore, this essay should be helpful to anyone who encounters resistance to any paradigm-shifting idea about which he or she may be communicating, since the same dynamics and research would apply in most such cases.

This work was not crafted entirely alone. Once the seed began germinating, it developed from an article to a very long essay.

This work was nurtured by substantial suggestions from Marti Hopper, Ph. I also received invaluable editing help from Dennis McMahon, J. I am profoundly indebted and grateful for their enthusiastic help. In addition, this work could not have been written without the contributions of numerous people named and quoted in these pages — specifically, their research and their in-depth thought.

I have drawn from wherever I found research, credible observations, or inspiration that seemed to apply. Because September 11,was a major turning point in our nation and our world, with its aftermath resulting as of this writing in the murder of nearly two million innocent Muslims and over 9, U.

911 just another lie essay

If we are alive to the adventure of life, we naturally open our minds while maintaining our ability to keenly discriminate. We learn more about ourselves, we change, we grow, and we become more aware. We then do our part to raise consciousness in others, with the goal of helping further the human dream of creating more free, peaceful, sustainable, and equitable human communities on our beautiful planet.

Psychologically, I would go downhill. Thank you for being so honest. I have never forgotten him; he has likely never forgotten me. We both felt it. Paradoxically, deep truth had been shared. We have our own stories to document this. What drives these antagonistic reactions?

Both groups consist of individuals who span the mental health spectrum. They speak compassionately about all of us. They indulge in no sophisticated name-calling a.

This is indeed refreshing. In this spirit, and in the spirit of beginning a conversation — for we humans are complicated creatures — I will share my thinking as to why many of us defend ourselves from information that is troubling.

History tells us that even scientists, whom we stereotypically view as persons who objectively and open-mindedly look at data rather than at belief to determine reality, often vigorously resist paradigm shifts.

In other words, resistance to information that substantially challenges our worldview is, we find, the rule rather than the exception. Fear of receiving information that will turn our world upside down.

Fear of being overwhelmed by our own emotions. Fear of psychological deterioration. Fear that our life will have to change. Fear that our professional reputation will be tarnished, which may cause us to lose our job or a promotion.

Fear of being shunned, even banished, by friends and family. This last reason may be true especially for intellectuals who identify strongly with their intellect. None of us, however, like to feel duped. Realizing we have been fooled often threatens our very identity and causes us to feel betrayed.9/11 was a big impact on the world and caused grief to many families, but all that grief could have been avoided if they were caught in the airport!

Airport security went from relaxed to strict very quickly.

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This essay comes to us from Glen Evans, a 22 year police veteran and father of four. 28 Responses to A Cop Weighs in on When to Call on a Parent. Andrew October 27, at am # OMG!

citizens are encouraged to call for not just serious crimes but quality of life concerns like loud parties and aggressive unleashed dogs. Amy B. Zegart • The Roots of Weak Congressional Intelligence Oversight 3 Hoover Institution • Stanford University I argue that many of Congress’s enduring oversight troubles lie with Congress and two institutional deficiencies in particular: limited expertise and weak budgetary power.

What were the causes of 9/11? Everyone has a theory about the real causes of 9/ They range from the nutty (it was the US government) to the plausible but flawed (a response to foreign occupation) to the credible (collateral damage from a clash within Islam). The Addicts Next Door West Virginia has the highest overdose death rate in the country.

Locals are fighting to save their neighbors—and their towns—from destruction. Intimidation Since 9/11/01, scores of people have exposed glaring anomalies in the official account of the attack, and implicated insiders in the US government in the planning and execution of the attack.

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